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CorrLinks Hot 100 (Hip-Hop), June 2018

Whattup Paradoxians! It is a new month, and another published list of the Corrlinks Hot 100 (Hip-Hop) for June 2018. That's right, for those of you who are new, welcome, this a list of the top trending songs in the feds. This list is compiled and based off the top selling singles from the entire [...]

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Using An Iron To Make It Toasty!

Who doesn't prefer their food hot or warm? Well, I guess it depends on the food. Nonetheless, there is one thing that unites just about every human being on Earth: a hefty and scrumptious burrito. Considering I have only two options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the chow hall or the food out of my [...]

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The Killer China Man and His Cat Army

Every morning, as the sun begins to climb over the walls of USP Leavenworth, illuminating the desolate and despairing prison yard, an army of cats stand guard. Not all necessarily united either, for there is a lot of territorial claims and in-fighting between them. However, they are all loyal to their leader: the Killer China [...]

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