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Welcome to BookerParadox.Com! My name is Brett Booker, and I’m an author, poet and photographer who is serving a 138 month sentence in the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for a non-violent drug offense. And since coming to prison, I have started to think of myself as a spy. 0047. A play on my United States Marshal Number, 26772-047. The number that signifies my existence, with the 047 only indicating the federal district of Nebraska. You see, I am simply infiltrating the culture and inmate population of federal prison. Not assimilating to it, or letting it “harden” me. I do what I must to survive, but that is all.

Look, I reside in a place of extreme violence and stupidity. A place where there are constant shenanigans lurking around every corner.. Something I refuse to be a part of. This is what Booker Paradox is all about. The tool I use to share my experiences with the world, and take you on a journey behind the wall of federal prison with fascinating and thought provoking articles. I will show you how things really are, instead of how they are portrayed. All that considered, I have made the three following promises to all of my readers when it comes to the articles I post.

It’s All Between The Ears

My goal is to show everyone that despite your circumstances, you can always smile. As happiness is a choice. Something that stands in stark contrast to the negativity and misery many people thrive on now adays. To combat this, we need more laughter in our lives. That is why I am committed to showing the other side of prison that is rarely portrayed. The humorous, absurd and absolutely paradoxical side of prison that I have come to know. Quite simply, laughter is the one thing that has helped me sustain adversity, and I hope to use my experiences to brighten your day.

Make The Right Choices

To put it plainly, it is easy to get into trouble, but incredibly hard to get out of it. I believe we all know someone, either a friend, brother, cousin or co-worker who is in prison or has been to prison, yet don’t think it can happen to us. In reality, we are all one bad decision away from these walls. With that in mind, I am committed to influence others to not head down the same path I headed. For even though our culture glamorizes the criminal lifestyle, it is not so glamorous. As you can see from my posts, the consequences are not worth it.

Broken System

As I write this line, there is an American epidemic of overly long prison sentences that often times hardens a criminal to the point of no return, and places our public safety at risk. At this vary moment, the United States leads the Western World at an average prison sentence length of 63 months. Yet longer sentences does not make our society safer. A conclusion I have reached after entering the system and discovering the harsh reality of U.S. laws surrounding ghost dope and conspiracy. As a society we have the duty to punish wrongdoers, yet at the same time, it comes with the responsibility of doing it within reason. Not giving people more than they deserve. For instance, how in our society does the non-violent drug offender get life in prison, while rapists, murderers and thieves often get far less? Through Booker Paradox, I will bring these issues to light.

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