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Air Fresheners: Jail Creations #3

Air Freshener: Jail Creations #3

Sunday,November 27th 2016

Being in jail has forced the majority of us to become creative in how we go about things. I don’t know if you have ever been to jail, but if you have, you are aware of the distinctive smell of jail. The atmosphere has a mixture of pungent body odor, genuine Dial soap, recycled stale air, and mildew, creating the jail smell. Don’t fret, there is an easy solution. Air Fresheners! That’s right, with all the extra time we have in here, many people have come up with dozens of aromas to dispel the jail smell. Today, I wanted to share with you, the top 3 jail air fresheners.

1 – The Soap Sock:

This is by far the most popular jail air freshener, and has many different variations. It is also the easiest to create. All you need is your favorite bar of soap and a sock. Throw the bar of soap into the sock, tie off the top, and crush the [shc_shortcode class=”shc_mybox”]

soap into a powder. When the cell stinks after you use the bathroom, for example, you can shake the sock to freshen up the cell. You can use different bars of soap, or multiple different bars to change-up the aroma. Quick disclaimer, the soap sock will temporarily make it hard to breathe.

2 – The Aromatic Vent:

The great thing about this type of air fresheners, is that it allows for continuous flow of fresh aromas. You see, in every cell there is one outtake and intake vent. The key is to use the outtake vent to take advantage of this continuous air flow. There are 3 main variations that most people go with. First, you can take your favorite bar of soap, apply some water to it, and lather the vent with soap. Secondly, people will take a piece of toilet paper, rub their favorite deodorant on it, twist one end, and stick it in the vent. Last but not least, a favorite method of mine is to use cologne samples from magazines. I’ll either tear the sample into tiny pieces, roll them up and place them through the holes of the vent, or soak the sample in water overnight, drench some toilet paper in it and place the toilet paper in the vent.

3 – Mop It In:

This last method of freshening up our environment, is by far the easiest. All you need is a mop, some water and the air freshener of your choice. Traditionally, people will spray the blue general disinfectant and the green washroom cleaner that the jail provides and mop over it. It smells clean but not for long. This where many people get creative. One alternative is to obtain some shower-power. It’s considered contraband, so you must sneakily pour some shower-power in a bottle when they come into the housing unit to clean the showers. If that isn’t a strong enough scent, some people will wait till they buff the floors, and steal some floor wax, as part of their mopping solution.

Overall, I believe that many people would be surprised how good these different air fresheners smell. It’s absolutely necessary to dispel the distinctive smell of jail. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed this post and keep on the lookout for more jail creations in the near future.


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