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The Best Prison Blog

I want Booker Paradox to be the best prison blog. Not because I glorify prison or entertain you with foolish stories from behind the wall, but rather for inspiring others to be the best they can be. Yes, I want to entertain you here and there, but my main objective is to share my story [...]

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Cellie Conundrums

Ever have roommate troubles? I know that's a rhetorical question, but seriously. I'm sure you can think of that one roommate who you thought you'd love, but turned out despising. Its natural, for hanging out with someone is one thing, but living with them is completely another. Well, prison is like this times ten, for [...]

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Chocolate Cappuccino

Ingredients: 1 tbsp. Instant Coffee 1 tbsp. Hot Chocolate 1 tbsp. Powdered Milk 1 pkg. Sweetener Directions: Take all of the ingredients, and empty all of the magical powder into a dry 12 ounce coffee mug. Then, add hot water, stir well, and enjoy the cappuccino goodness!

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Why You Need Pain and Suffering In Your Life

It is intriguing to think about all the individuals who have walked the halls of USP Leavenworth over the past 100 years. Some of the infamous individuals who might ring a bell, include: Duane Earl Pope, Michael Vick, George aka Machine Gun Kelly, James Early Ray, Leonard Peltier and George Moran. But to me, the [...]

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Pay Phone Problems

Hello World! If your reading this, thanks for checking out my site. I'm extremely proud of the progress we've made on it, and grateful for the opportunity to be able to broadcast out to the world from behind these walls. To share my experiences, give you an interesting perspective on different issues, entertain you a [...]

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Liquid Crack: The Prison Beverage

Ingredients: 1 Tea Bag 2 tbsp. Instant Coffee 1 tbsp. Hot Chocolate 1 tbsp. Powdered Milk 1 pkg. French Vanilla Cappuccino 1 pkg. Sweetener Directions: First, make the tea in a 12 ounce coffee mug, and let it sit for five minutes. Then, remove the tea bag, add and stir the remaining ingredients and enjoy [...]

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Prison Trashcan Fryers

Who doesn't love fried foods? I know, its super unhealthy, yet oh so good! Moreover, I was stoked to discover all the fried creations since arriving at USP Leavenworth. Like fried burritos, pizza pockets, apple pies, honey buns, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candy bars and much, much more. When people are frying, the enticing [...]

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The Mud Slide

Ingredients: 1/4 cup of Hot Chocolate 1/4 cup of Instant Powdered Milk 2 pkg. of Hershey Bar (Plain) Directions: To start, break up the Hershey bars so they will all fit in a mug. Next, add the powdered milk and hot chocolate. Then, add hot water and stir well until Hershey bars and the rest [...]

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Penitentiary Crispy Cream

Ingredients: 1 pkg. Honey Bun 1 bar Milkyway, Snickers or Three Musketeers 1 tbsp. of Peanut Butter Directions: First, heat up the honey bun in the microwave. Then, heat up the candy bar in a bowl so you can melt the chocolaty goodness evenly over the honey bun. After that, scoop the peanut butter into [...]

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Inmates Attacked by Microscopic Aliens

With the summer cooling down and fall quickly approaching, alien looking creatures, microscopic in size, but numbering in the tens if not hundreds of thousands, are lurking for a variety of insect hosts to parasitize and humans to bite. Scientifically classified as Pyemotes herfsi, this microscopic and ectoparasitic mite is more commonly known as the [...]

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Press On!

If there is one thing I could share with future generations, it would be to press on. To never give up, no matter what life throws at you. Its too easy to become discouraged and throw in the towel. Besides, they say that great men must experience great pain. So I welcome it! Constantly testing [...]

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Cardboard Guards of Leavenworth

If you ever get a chance to drive by or view USP Leavenworth via programs like Google Earth, do it! This place is quite nostalgic, and if the collection of structures that make up USP Leavenworth stands, for it is in a shocking state of disrepair, I believe it will be turned into a museum. [...]

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In prison, cooking is literally an art form. We work with the absolute bare minimums, and make amazing things happen. For the most part, everything is freeze dried and must be cooked using hot water. But hot water can be hard to come by at time, especially during lockdowns. So what is one to do [...]

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