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I want Booker Paradox to be the best prison blog. Not because I glorify prison or entertain you with foolish stories from behind the wall, but rather for inspiring others to be the best they can be. Yes, I want to entertain you here and there, but my main objective is to share my story so others don’t make the same mistakes that I have. prison sucks, and just about anyone can land in here. But you don’t have to. Take it from me, nothing is worth your freedom or being taken out of society for years on end. Nothing!

Therefore, I felt obligated to create this blog form within prison, and do my best to publish posts such as, “8 Life Hacks To Become A Positive Thinker Today,” “Why You Need Pain And Suffering In Your Life,” and “Press On!,” so no one has to suffer through similar circumstances and to show others that happiness is only a state of mind. If I can be happy and joyous in this dismal environment, why can’t you out there?

However, considering that prison blogs are rare, and one hardly gets to hear about it from an inmates perspective, I’m still going to dedicate some time to prison blogging. I just believe that my blog is better directed if my audience understands my objectives. With that said, I’ll continue to share prison recipes, prison creations, stories from behind the wall, random interviews and my day to day experiences. Moreover, I don’t want prisons to be so taboo, or for there to be such harsh stereotypes towards all felons.

Thus, I’ve decided to be their voice. To show the world that we all just made some mistakes, and our crimes do not represent the type of individuals we are. People can change and our current system fails to rehabilitate. Instead, prison creates criminals. So lets create a dialog that promotes the idea of brining back the correct in corrections, for it was lost long ago. I have a responsibility to speak for the hundreds of thousands who can’t, in the hopes of sparking some change. Until then, please continue to join me on my journey behind the wall of federal prison, and together make this the best prison blog!

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