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Books For Brain and Brawn

Books For Brain and Brawn

Sunday, October 16th 2016

Although this title seems quite contradictory, in Douglas County Corrections, I’ve mastered the technique of using books to improve brain and brawn. You see, since my arrest, I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a handful of large, informative books. Like I’ve said numerous times,  I spend the majority of my time reading and writing. Therefore, as my collection of books has built up, a secondary purpose has been discovered. This discovery, is simply a bag full of books to be used as a form of weights for working out.

When an individual is arrested and book-in to Douglas County Corrections, they are issued various items, including a laundry bag. Throughout my stay at this facility, another laundry bag came into my possession, which prompted the idea for a weight bag. Now, properly assembling the books in the laundry bag is important, for if their just thrown in, lifting the bag becomes an awkward task. For the base, I’ll open the bag, identify the center by locating the thick stitching, and place two large bibles side by side, with the hard binding facing out.

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Next, I’ll add four more large bibles, in the same fashion, creating a base of two books wide, three books tall. Now that the base is complete, I’ll take my stack of books, which are organized by size with the largest on the bottom, and slip them into the bag, on top of the base. After that, I’ll grab a blanket, and carefully wrap it over the books, to protect them from the wear and tear as I lift the weight bag. Last but not least, one will need to create a curl bar.  To do this, I’ll take a magazine, roll it tightly in a piece of newspaper, and slide two toilet paper rolls around it.

Once complete, all you need to do is tie the top of the laundry bag around the center of the bar. Wallah, that’s how I created a weight system in jail. It is simple to adjust the weight by adding or removing books. Some exercises don’t  even require the curlbar. Some of the exercises I use the weight bag for include: several curl variations, dips, tricep presses rows, standing lateral raises, squats and calf raises. Exercise is one of my passions, so I look forward to more posts of this nature. Please share this post if you enjoyed it!



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