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Brown Cows, Mug Shots and Alarm Clocks

Want to hear something crazy? A recent survey conducted on several thousand Americans, revealed that 7% of those who responded think that brown cows produce chocolate milk, according to the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy.

Lets just take a minute for that to process. Brown cows produce chocolate milk!? Wow! It doesn’t surprise me though, considering all the shenanigans going on in today’s day and age. However, if you thought they were stupid, take into account the actions of one British man. Wanted over an alleged assault, he turned himself in so that the police would remove an unappealing mug shot of him on Facebook.

The photo of Wayne Esmonde, 35, that was posted by police on Facebook to inquire of his whereabouts, depicted him cockeyed and sporting an oddly shaped and shaven head. Esmonded fired back on the page saying,” I am him. Not a very flattering mugshot.” Esmonde goes on to say,” I’d appreciate it if you’d take this down. innocent until proven guilty and all that.” Shortly after his response to the post he turned himself in to police.

Stupidity makes amazing things happen, and one Pennsylvania man gets a rude reminder of this at the same time each night. A stupid mistake he made 13 years ago. Back in 2004, Jerry Lynn was trying to find the right spot to drill a hold for a TV cable. So he took an alarm clock, set it to go off at 7:50pm, tied it to a piece of string, and lowered it down an air vent in his home.

That’s not what happened. The alarm clock broke off the string, and fell into the vent where its been going off at 7:50pm for the past 13 years. “[I though] maybe three, four months it’ll run out of battery,” Lynn said. “It is still going off every day.”

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