The Best Prison Blog

I want Booker Paradox to be the best prison blog. Not because I glorify prison or entertain you with foolish stories from behind the wall, but rather for inspiring others to be the best they can be. Yes, I want to entertain you here and there, but my main objective is to share my story [...]

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Cellie Conundrums

Ever have roommate troubles? I know that's a rhetorical question, but seriously. I'm sure you can think of that one roommate who you thought you'd love, but turned out despising. Its natural, for hanging out with someone is one thing, but living with them is completely another. Well, prison is like this times ten, for [...]

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Cardboard Guards of Leavenworth

If you ever get a chance to drive by or view USP Leavenworth via programs like Google Earth, do it! This place is quite nostalgic, and if the collection of structures that make up USP Leavenworth stands, for it is in a shocking state of disrepair, I believe it will be turned into a museum. [...]

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Cake For Breakfast

Why did I come to prison? Well, I came to prison so I could eat cake for breakfast. Seriously. I couldn't do that on the streets. I probably could have, but no one served it. And why should they, when there are so many delisious alternatives such as: Pancakes, Belgium Waffles, Biscuts and Gravy and [...]

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Tube Steak Please?!

There are times in here when I really wish I had a camera to record some of the conversations. When you combine boredom and stupidity, amazing things can happen. Here is one such conversation between this kid named Q and a mobster who we'll call J. ** Q walks into J's cell, and it looks [...]

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Why Do Prisons Ban Books?

Why Do Prisons Ban Books? By: Brett Booker Monday, March 6th 2017  (Written from Douglas County Corrections  - Omaha, NE in 2016 - Currently at Leavenworth Prison in Leavenworth, KS) Why do prisons and institutions ban books or deny inmates access to them? Well at Douglas County Corrections they have 7 reasons, as seen in [...]

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