The Three P’s The Lead To Success!

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Anonymous Since my arrest, I have made it my mission to completely transform my life from an international drug trafficker, to a motivational guru. And why might you ask? Because it is my way to pay back the [...]

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Dude … Helping Others Vastly Aids Your Brain and More!

Scientific studies have been published in the past few years that suggest that helping others benefits the giver more than the receiver. That right! You officially have no excuse not to help out a fellow human being. One such study entitled, "The Neurobiology of Giving Versus Receiving Support: The Role of Stress-Related and Social Reward-Related [...]

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Why You Need Pain and Suffering In Your Life

It is intriguing to think about all the individuals who have walked the halls of USP Leavenworth over the past 100 years. Some of the infamous individuals who might ring a bell, include: Duane Earl Pope, Michael Vick, George aka Machine Gun Kelly, James Early Ray, Leonard Peltier and George Moran. But to me, the [...]

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Press On!

If there is one thing I could share with future generations, it would be to press on. To never give up, no matter what life throws at you. Its too easy to become discouraged and throw in the towel. Besides, they say that great men must experience great pain. So I welcome it! Constantly testing [...]

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Laugh It Off

"Heraclitus would shed tears whenever he went out in public, Democritus laughed. One saw the whole as a parade of miseries, the other of follies. And so, we should take a lighter view of things and bear them with an easy spirit, for it is more human to laugh at life than to lament it." [...]

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How Simplicity Is A Death Wish

How Simplicity Is A Death Wish Wednesday, October 26th 2016 "Too many men exhibit simplicity and are therefore ensued by their hunger for instant gratification, that those deceitful individuals, will always find others whom will happily allow themselves to be deceived." -Brett Booker Before I start, I want to discuss the fact that, that you're [...]

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Justice and Morality

Justice and Morality Friday, October 21st 2016 Mankind as a whole, has found it necessary to create laws as a means of social control, address threats, alter public habits, command obedience and to enforce ideas which couldn't be introduced any other way, such as the war on drugs. To understand the difference between justice and [...]

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Personal Reflections #1

Personal Reflections #1 Monday, September 19th 2016 I have been in county jail for about 11 months and have been inspired in so many different ways. I have fully embraced stoicism, like many other great men in history. No matter what happens to me, I'll always win! This perception can't be adopted by everyone, but [...]

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