Wristbands: Tagged Like Cattle

Wristbands: Tagged Like Cattle By: Brett Booker Monday, March 6th 2017  (Written from Douglas County Corrections  – Omaha, NE in 2016 – Currently at Leavenworth Prison in Leavenworth, KS) As you can see from the photo above, all inmates at Douglas County Corrections are forced to wear bright yellow, indentification wristbands. They are extremely tight, [...]

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Four White Walls

Four White Walls Wednesday, October 26th 2016 Four White Walls 238 bricks in all. Which hold me back from society. For they say I had too much noriety While I'm locked within, My racing thoughts, only a whim. Ideas flowing like a vast range, Boy oh boy, do I want to change. Hours and hours [...]

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County Jail: What Is “Mix”?

County Jail: What Is "Mix"? Wednesday, October 5th 2016 What comes to mind when you hear the word mix? Well in Douglas County DOC, it is the basis for most recipes. Essentially, just like the name indicates, it's a mix of freeze dried rice and beans, crushed up ramen soups and occasionally, Cheetos and pork [...]

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Jail Is Oh So Peculiar

*** DISCLAIMER *** (There is a major difference between jail and prison. Jail is where you are innocent until proven guilty, while prison is where you serve your time. Jail is a temporary facility with poor living conditions.) I must say, jail is extremely peculiar. From the people and the strange vibes that permeate around [...]

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