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County Jail: Kick Ass Cheese Sauce

County Jail: Kick Ass Cheese Sauce

Monday, September 19th 2016

With the limited option of food and condiments to choose from and the abundance of time, I’ve been forced to become creative with my food. All the food served is extremely bland, so I was motivated to create a kick ass cheese sauce. My purpose today, is to share this with you.


1 cup of hot pickle juice

3 jalapeno squeeze cheeses

1 bag of jalapeno chips

5 single mayo packets


Clean and prepare an empty shampoo or lotion bottle, crush up the jalapeno chips and then you’ll be ready to make the sauce.

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Squeeze the 3 jalapeno chips cheeses and the 5 mayo packets into the bottle. Then, pour the crushed chips in. Lastly, take the cup of pickle juice and fill the remainder of the bottle. Shake it up well for about 45 seconds until it all mixes well and is fluid. That’s it! You’ve now got a kick ass cheese sauce.


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