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County Jail: What Is “Mix”?

County Jail: What Is “Mix”?

Wednesday, October 5th 2016

What comes to mind when you hear the word mix? Well in Douglas County DOC, it is the basis for most recipes. Essentially, just like the name indicates, it’s a mix of freeze dried rice and beans, crushed up ramen soups and occasionally, Cheetos and pork rinds. Many times, it is stored in empty tortilla bags. Although the bag is filled with all commissary approved items, once they are all mixed together, C/Os consider it an altered item or contraband. Which is extremely petty. Regardless, it is an important base to jail house burritos, nachos and tomales. Below, out of the dozens of combinations of mix you can create, I’ll include just 3.

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(1)    2 bags of white rice

2 bags of beans

5 California vegetable soups

1 bag of pork rinds

(2)    5 bags of Hot Chili Beans and Rice

2 Texas Beef soups

2 California vegetable soups

1 bag of Beans

(3)    3 bags of cheesy rice

2 bags of beans

2 Texas Beef soups

1/4 bag of Cheetos

I could go on and on with more combinations, but I’m sure you get the point. Just to clarify, the bags of pork rinds/Cheetos and soups must be crushed up. Many people will do so in empty rice bags, for its simple and convenient. Nonetheless, be on the lookout for recipes involving mix in the near future.


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