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County Jail: Tiramisu

County Jail: Tiramisu

Wednesday, October 26th 2016

My jailhouse tiramisu always seems to delight individuals. Simple, fun and absolutely delectable. Within 15 minutes, you can make a unique tiramisu that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Perfect desert for any occasion. Enjoy!


6 single portion frosted cakes

6 scoops of margarine

3 spoonfuls of coffee

8 sugar packets

3 teaspoons of water


First, scoop and remove the frosting from the cakes, placing the frosting in a cup. Then, place the cakes in a bag and place to the side. After that, add 6 scoops of margarine, 3 spoonfuls of instant coffee, and all 8 sugar packets into the cup. Once that’s done, whip the contents of the cup with a spoon until it has a nice and even consistency. Grab the bag containing the individual cakes, and mash them together to form one large cake. Take the cake out of the bag, spread the frosting over it evenly and enjoy! Wallah, that’s a jailhouse tiramisu.

Courtesy of Felix J. Ortiz


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