Federal Prison Happy Meal

Did my title surprise you? That the coveted McDonalds Happy Meal has infiltrated the federal prison system? Well, not quite. But we have something that we consider a good equivalent. Look, when you live in such a desperate and hopeless environment, you need something to look forward to. As I have mentioned a few dozen times, living in prison is like living the same day over and over again. Holidays have no significant meaning, the people around you never change, and it is the same dreary vibe day in and day out.

A vibe I am constantly trying to combat. The meals are the same way. Everything is scheduled out, so you know exactly what you are going to eat for lunch months even years in advance. Sound good? Hell no, yet another prime example of why you should try to avoid the penal system at all costs! Moreover, every federal prison is setup like this, so no matter where you are located throughout the United States you know that on Tuesdays we have chicken patties, on Fridays fish, and on Wednesdays … its hamburgers and french fries. Or what I like to call the “Federal Prison Happy Meal.”

The only thing that differs from prison to prison is the quality of the food. The Happy Meal especially. In fact, you can almost judge the whole entire food service department of a compound based on this alone. After transferring from USP Leavenworth in Kansas to FCI Sandstone in Minnesota, there was quite the upgrade in Happy Meal quality. Huge difference in fact. All bullshit aside, it is restaurant quality food, while Leavenworth has the classic slop you would expect to find in such an environment.

Really, besides phone calls with family, visits and the like, I live for the Happy Meal on Wednesdays. It is the only taste of freedom I can get. From the fried onion rings, to the jalapeno and cheese stuffed hamburgers that just burst in flavor, you can’t help but experience some joy from it all. Oh, and I almost forgot, the deserts on these days are just as delectable. From the key lime and apple pie, to chocolate bars and birthday cake, it is a sugar rash that anyone can enjoy.

However, while there are days where I am so busy that my mind isn’t able to drift off and I can actually enjoy the burgers, there are other days where I just look down at the food and think, “Damn, this is what my life has come to?” A thought I try to terminate at once, for once those negative thoughts begin, it can almost consume you. Maybe you can relate to this, no matter what conditions you are living in. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful, and when directed intentionally, you can live a really positive and successful life.

But we are all human and no one is perfect. We all have these insecurities. Yet another reason why I try to broadcast my current conditions, for it is when we are experiencing the bad times that we need to be truly grateful. We will never grow when times are good and we are comfortable, only when times are bad and we are uncomfortable. That is when we grow the most. For me, when I am in a good state of mind, I will eat the hamburger and bask in all of its glory. And when times are bad, I look down, and am grateful that I even get to enjoy such a meal, while there are thousands of children starving every single day.

Do you like what you read here on this blog? Please let me know. Don’t hesitate to write me a letter anytime, for I will write back! If so, reach out to me at:

Brett Booker, (26772-047), C Unit
Federal Correctional Institution
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I am looking forward to hearing back from you and answering and and all of your questions! I will also post my response right here on BookerParadox.Com, so please let me know if you would like me to address you by an alias. What are you waiting for? I know, I know, it is snail mail. Worse yet, you may have never even written a letter before. But its never too late to try. Besides, after sending me a letter, you might as well send one to a family member or friend. Because it is such a rare gesture now a days, and they will be truly touched by such a letter. It will make their entire day. Type it up or handwrite it down, throw it in an envelope, and mail that sucker out! Just don’t forget the stamp.

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