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Four White Walls

Four White Walls

Wednesday, October 26th 2016

Four White Walls

238 bricks in all.

Which hold me back from society.

For they say I had too much noriety

While I’m locked within,

My racing thoughts, only a whim.

Ideas flowing like a vast range,

Boy oh boy, do I want to change.

Hours and hours continue to pass,

This time has to be the last.

I miss my family so dearly,

That the world feels so dreary.

Nonetheless, I push on and on,

To avoid being a ticking timebomb.

Guilt and shame runs through my veins,

The woulda, coulda, shoulda needs to change.

But all I can see is these four white walls,

238 bricks in all

By: Brett Booker (10/13/2016)

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