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GHOST DOPE: How The Feds Send Addicts To Prison For Life!

When I first entered the federal “justice” system, I encountered an odd phenomenon after discussing various people’s criminal indictments. They were all charged with drugs that did not exist. Ghost Dope. Referred to in legal jargon as “relevant conduct,” this occurs when Person A testifies on Person B they they purchased X amount of drugs over an X period of time.

The feds will then compute all of this, and charge Person B with said amount of drug weight. For instance, let’s say I am selling drugs to Charles, and when Charles is arrested, he tells the feds that he bought five kilos of cocaine from me once a week for five years. Using this information, the feds raid my house where they find one gram of cocaine and twenty-five grand.

Obviously, the average Joe would look at my arrest, and not think much about it. Yes, it was a lot of money to have lying around, but one gram of cocaine is not serious weight. It was obviously for personal consumption. However, when I see my day in court, the prosecutor charges me with conspiracy to distribute 1,300 kilos of cocaine.

This was not a typo. With fifty-two weeks in a year, the feds compute that to 260 kilos sold per year at a rate of 1,300 kilos over a five year period. Once again, the average Joe would be taken aback and thus request a trial. Considering the feds have an almost 98% conviction rate, and how the majority of defendants take a plea deal, Charles will testify against me at trial, and I will likely lose.

With the feds having procedures in place that punish defendants for taking cases to trial, I will end up with a life sentence all because of Ghost Dope. Another person’s lies. Of which is a really scary, yet actual reality of the U.S. “justice” system. The fact that someone else’s lies can send you to prison for life sounds absolutely absurd, but happens to hundreds of people every single year.

However, you might still be asking yourself why someone would take the stand and testify against someone with complete lies. To put it simply, it is to save their own ass. As you can imagine, people act desperately in desperate situations. As I eluded to earlier, the feds have an almost 98% conviction rate, and draconian laws are set in place that can send non-violent drug offenders off to prison for decades on end. Therefore, by testifying against someone else, defendants will receive a reduction in their sentence.

Something known in the legal world as a “5K,” or a “downward departure.” Without going too deep into all of the legal jargon associated with “relevant conduct,” I believe we can all agree that it is completely absurd that you can be sent to prison for life because of the lies of another drug addict. To let this fully sink in, I would like to share an example of a guy I have met behind these walls who has been affected by Ghost Dope.

The guy we will be discussing is named Scott. Scott was sentenced to twenty-five years when he was 55-years-old for Ghost Dope. A result of two petty infractions from his past. You see, when he was 35-years-old he was pulled over, and the police found drug paraphernalia on his passenger. Because of the laws in the state he was arrested in, he had to take the felony, and subsequently served two days in jail.

Then, when he was 42-years-old he happened to be arrested with a gram of meth, and was sentenced to a year and a day in prison. Twelve years later, his drug dealer was arrested and was facing a hefty federal sentence. Testifying on all of her clients, including Scott, she received ten years while Scott and others all received upwards of twenty-five years.

That’s right, we live in a system where your drug dealer will get less time than you because he or she fully cooperated with the feds before you. This is why I refuse to call it the federal “justice” system. It is neither fair nor just. Some argue that we have the best “justice” system in the world, and to some degree they are right. But that does not mean things can’t improve and get better. Until Congress gets rid of “relevant conduct,” aka Ghost Dope, the feds will be able to continually send addicts, not drug dealers, to prison for life.

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