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Jail Is Oh So Peculiar


(There is a major difference between jail and prison. Jail is where you are innocent until proven guilty, while prison is where you serve your time. Jail is a temporary facility with poor living conditions.)


I must say, jail is extremely peculiar. From the people and the strange vibes that permeate around them, to the metal and concrete environment that keeps everyone stiff and uncomfortable. The dull colors of gray and white spread across every square inch of the building, ceiling, floors and walls alike. The lack of color and stimulating activity lead to wide spread sensory deprivation. The only color around, dominates your view, as a sea of orange helplessly and aimlessly moves around throughout the day. It’s even odd they chose the color orange, for it is scientifically proven to cause hunger and sexual aggression. The combination of boredom and the psychological power of orange, causes just about everyone to be in a constant state of hunger. A desire that can never be fulfilled.

The inmates circle the housing unit, like fish being fed in the pond, waiting for the cart that holds the trays, to enter the unit. All the anticipation is short lived. Disappointment and disgust fill the minds of everyone as soon as they set their eyes on the food being served. Mystery meat they call it. Almost always served with soggy beans, this so called meat looks like a scientific experiment gone wrong. Despite all of this, everyone eats it to fight off their hunger.

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All the while, the vibes continue to flow through one’s spine, making it hard to decipher someone’s motive, true identity, or next move. In a testosterone dominated environment, everyone walks around with an ironclad facade, only to discover that deep down, their a scared and lost little boy. It sucks, but one must always keep their guard up, for no one can be trusted. Racism, segregation, disrespect, harsh words, fighting, thievery, and betrayal are just some of the actions everyone has to deal with on a daily basis.

Doing time behind the wall is already hard enough, so its sad to think that one has to be wary of everyone around them, given we are all going through a similar struggle. After long periods of time spent in jail, you begin to battle an entirely different enemy. Yourself. Now, everyone seems to take darkness for granted, until they come to jail. The bright fluorescent lights never turn off, and with no windows opening up to the free world, one could easily mistake day for night. In fact, in some war-stricken parts of the world, the never ending drowning of light, is used as a torture technique.

In here it is no different, this is torture. Tossing and turning all night, my sleep deprived body just wants to fall asleep. It doesn’t help that the cold and hard metal everyone sleeps on, is only cushioned by a paper thin, blue mat with 2 sheets, 2 blankets. That’s it! State issued. Yet it still feels like sleeping on a rock. Man, jail is extremely peculiar, and in this case, I peculiarly hate jail.


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