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Justice and Morality

Justice and Morality

Friday, October 21st 2016

Mankind as a whole, has found it necessary to create laws as a means of social control, address threats, alter public habits, command obedience and to enforce ideas which couldn’t be introduced any other way, such as the war on drugs. To understand the difference between justice and morality is extremely important, for those in power, being law enforcement and politicians, will not acknowledge the stark difference between the two. They will even try to convince the public that the difference isn’t important. Although, who is to tell us what is right and wrong?

Just like a parent tells their kids whats right and wrong, society operates identically, in which brute elite or the individuals with all the power, develop what they believe to be right and wrong and enforce it upon the rest of society. Now, the union of primary and secondary laws may not always be enough, but what are states without justice? Nothing but angry mobs and ignorant groups enlarged. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine a moral standard because it is difficult for everyone.

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However, I believe that for a legal system to exist there must be a wide recognition of a moral obligation to obey the law, even though this may be over ridden in particular cases by a stronger moral obligation not to obey the law. Some famous examples from history include: laws forcing segregation, medical marijuana for cancer patients and laws preventing gay marriage. At one time, all of these laws had to be obeyed, despite the fact that they were wrong. It’s also important to note that justice only contributes to one segment of morality, primarily concerned not with individual conduct but with the ways in which classes of individuals are treated.

With that said, you can look back and discover how different classes were treated, such as lower to middle class African-Americans, by the Jim Crow laws. It was morally wrong to prevent African Americans from voting using “literary tests,” but the agenda of justice had to enforce it. When the Jim Crow laws were abolished, justice had to improvise to continue their agenda. Therefore, many politicians and other law makers conceived a new “system” of holding minorities and social misfits down. Fast forward 50 years and that “system” is here and out of control.

Jails, prisons and other institutions are extremely overcrowded, as modern day slavery is becoming more and more prominent. Hence the TV show, “Orange Is The New Black”, mass incarceration has become the new method of suppressing the people. Once people go through this “system”, they are externally branded and labeled, making their lives extremely difficult. Why should people be punished beyond the time they already served for their crime? Such as the gentleman sitting in front of me, who was arrested at work for felon in possession of a pocket knife! Seriously!

Now, this “system” has inadvertently caused tension and great animosity towards police officers. Instead of only going after murderers, sexual predators and thieves, they are militarizing police forces to enforce the drug laws. However, why should I have been given 12 yr for a non-violent drug crime, when violent criminals, sexual predators, and thieves get significantly less time? The government has all the power, they determine whats right and wrong, good and evil and the line between justice and morality, but only YOU can decide how to respond.

Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt!


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