The K2 Epidemic Of Federal Prison

What comes to mind when you read the phrase ‘Get Bodied’? Possibly someone getting beat or stabbed to death? I mean, that’s what all the TV shows and movies portray about prison. Well, not quite. It still involves people getting taken out on a stretcher, but they do so willingly and are extremely happy about it. Yeah that’s right. Even when others watch the next lucky individual get bodied and hauled away, they’ll say to one another, “I want some of that shit!” What might this phenomenon be your asking? Well, their getting bodied from the Duece. The Tuchee. In other words, extremely potent K2. Crazy right?

People ask me all the time, “They have drugs in prison, I thought it was secure!?” Hardly. Its a well known problem to both the inmates and the administration. Throughout all BOP prisons. Just the other day, I was taken back when the guard got over the loud speaker and announced, “Attention, do not smoke the red K2, it is killing people.” And then goes on to say sarcastically, “But the green and blue stuff is fine.” You don’t hear that everyday! This wasn’t the first announcement either. A few weeks prior, when the guards pulled not one but two people out on stretchers, a guard walked down the tier echoing the future announcement, “Don’t smoke the red K2, but the blue shit is alright!” That’s why we started using the phrase ‘Get Bodied’, for during that state of their high, they literally look dead.

Luckily for the smokers, albeit they’ll say differently, every dose, hit or batch of K2 is different. Given various people are bringing it in, either through the mail or at visits, some batches are of varying chemical makeup’s, and occasionally, doses are either sprayed too much or not enough at all. This is where the mysterious red K2 comes into play. When it came about, its potency has never been seen before. Hence, people were getting bodied. People didn’t know hot to act, they were jumping off of tiers, having severe episodes, and falling out all over the place. During this time, it seemed as if the guards would find person after person, passed out and practically dead on the floor every time they conducted their hourly rounds.

I had the pleasure of witnessing this first hand just the other day. When I ventured out towards an acquaintances cell of mine, I looked through his window to see if he was home, and shockingly, I saw a 6′ 4″, 300 lb behemoth of a man passed out on his floor. My acquaintance then looked up at me and anxiously tried waving me in, so I pretended not to see him and walked away. In my defense, it was extremely dark in his room, and there was no way that I would allow myself to get involved with the shenanigans unfolding in that room. Thus, he spent the next three hours trying frantically to awaken that man, and vowed to never smoke Duece again. Oh, how extremely short lived that vow would be.

The following day, he tried to sneak in a smoke session within his cell, and no toehr that the 300 lb behemoth from the previous day was with him. Like clockwork, the big ol’ guy took a hit from the pipe (which is made out of a toilet paper roll). Instantly, his eyes rolled back and as he fell straight forward in a faceplant, he took the sink out with him. Now, not only was he bodied on the floor, but water was spraying viciously across the cell, and the area quickly became flooded. As you can imagine, there was no way to conceal the disaster enfolding, and both men were subsequently taken to purgatory.

In retrospect, this wasn’t a new or surprising situation. I mean, it caught everyone’s attention, but these kind of shenanigans are the status quo. The guards have seen this day in and day out. Just some situations are more bizarre than others. However, I don’t want my humor to take away from the seriousness of this epidemic. What crack did to communities in the 80s, is re-occuring within prison today. Individuals who were being productive, and learning new skills to use upon their release, are completely losing themselves. Getting completely strung out. All of the negative attributes and tendencies you see in crack addicts, can now also be seen in “Duece Heads” (K2 addicts).

Keep in mind that the majority of these people will be releases. With no tools, support and possibly coming out worse then when they came in. I have seen this transformation in more people than I could possibly count. Individuals come in with a strong desire to change their lives, and before you know it, are on the phone with friends and family pleasing for money. Leading to violence and other problems. Worse yet, no one has any idea what the chemical makeup is of all the mysterious K2 flooding in. People joke around and might claim it is rat poison or cleaning chemicals. But I don’t understand how that’s a joke.

Who would want to consume that kind of stuff? Rhetorical question I guess. One of the main motivators for this type of behavior is the confidence they have while using it. For they cannot detect these chemicals in drug tests. And if they can’t detect it, no one can get in trouble if they never admit to it. Which they won’t. But this cloud of confusion has led to even more sever problems. For instance, during one of the daily counts, the guards found an inmate passed out on the ground. Falsely assuming it was a K2 episode, they sent the inmate to purgatory where he died of a blood clot unrelated to the K2 consumption. Talk about a fatal assumption!

Anyway, like I was mentioned, there has to be some crazy chemicals in this K2. For since my arrest, I’ve seen this K2 cause people to do the most ludicrous of things, such as: a guy who dropped to the ground, started humping it and started yelling someone’s name, or the person who did the backstroke of the tier, falling twelve feet, head first, or even the individual who ran around naked thinking he was on fire, while covered in throw up, and lastly, a guy who literally got stuck in the middle of the chow hall, unable to move, paralyzed. This list goes on and on. The results are horrendous.

Nevertheless, every time someone has a crazy episode, there will always be people who will hunt down that specific type of K2. It defies all logic. But that prison. A place that praises you for all the wrong reasons, for paradoxically, you would be condemned for doing the same exact thing out in society. Which is why they are probably in prison. But what do I know, I am simply observing. I do what I must to survive and thrive, while avoiding to conform to the “convict code” or become hardened. Therefore, I won’t have to experience this hell hole again, watching them get bodied, one person at a time.

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