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K2 Made You Do What!?

In a federal prison near you, some crazed inmate just smoked a large piece of duce, and is either running around naked, flopping on the ground like a fish out of water, thinks they are on fire, is passed out with throw up all over themselves, or is maybe even attempting to do the backstroke off of the second story tier on his way down to the ground into a face plant. Whew! It sounds bizarre, but it is a reality behind these walls. It’s like, K2 made you do what!?

You see, the inmates in federal prison refer to K2 as duce for several reasons. One, many think it is a clever code word that the prison administration is not aware of (even though everyone is aware of it!) Two, with so many people flopping out and acting crazy, the officers often have to press their emergency buttons, aka “the duces.” Hence, K2 is now referred to as duce.

Interestingly enough, when some new K2 hits the yard and it is ultra potent, you will instantly know. Before it even spreads across the prison, you will see an increase in episodes and straight up psychological breakdowns. When you walk on over to the computer to email your family and some guy is humping the ground thinking that he is making love to his woman, you know. There had been times where this was so routine, that the guards ignored it all as you would literally just step over the guy when it was your turn to use the computer.

While seeing all of these episodes turns people like myself away, others view it as a challenge. Making these episodes a live and interactive form of marketing. You’ll hear some guy say, “Shit! That wouldn’t happen to me. I ain’t soft!” Yet a mere hour later you will see guys like this head for their designated smoking area and not return. Hours and hours may pass until you see them again. Lone and behold, they did not return because they got “stuck.”

In other words, when they smoked the duce it made them freeze in their place. During this time they cannot talk or move. They are literally planted still like a statue. And that is if they are lucky, as other guys have a much stronger and deeper experience. For instance, take this guy that everyone called Face. One day I am minding my own business, and walking to my cell when in the corner of my eye I see Face with an empty roll of toilet paper in his hand.

What turned out to be a homemade pipe with a metal pencil tip shoved through the top, I watched, as if in slow motion, Face put a flaming piece of toilet paper to the tip, and inhale while his eyes turned back until completely white. Instantly, he dove face first into the metal desk within his cell, splitting his forehead open as blood began pouring out of his wound. After some guys ran into the cell to help him out, like clockwork, all of the duce heads in the unit became all excited, wanting to try their luck out on this new batch.

Yet here I was, proclaiming, “K2 Made You Do What!?”

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