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Laugh It Off

“Heraclitus would shed tears whenever he went out in public, Democritus laughed. One saw the whole as a parade of miseries, the other of follies. And so, we should take a lighter view of things and bear them with an easy spirit, for it is more human to laugh at life than to lament it.” – Seneca, On Tranquility of Mind, 15.2

When you hear the phrase: “Laughter is the best medicine,” Listen! It couldn’t be any more true, and Seneca expressed it perfectly in this excerpt. Lets not be Heraclitus who parades in misery, but rather Democritus who laughed it all off. Its truly amazing the effect it will have over your life if you choose humor over misery.

Personally, humor is the best tool I equip to fight against the daily bombardment of negativity. Ask anyone who knows me well, and they’ll tell you that I am hardly depressed. Yes, I have my moments, especially considering my subsequent change of address, but when things get really bad and the world makes me want to become recluse and weep away, I CHOOSE to laugh about it.

I know it may sound absurd to just nonchalantly laugh when a big problem comes around, but that’s not what I’m saying. Instead, you happily chop up your losses and move on. Stopping your misery from holding you back.

I see very little purpose in getting sad or mad about things out of my control or that I cannot change. It only makes things worse. I refuse to let my emotions control me. Moreover, humor is productive, lighting up the situation instead of worsening it. So remember what Seneca said, “It is more human to laugh at life than to lament it.”

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