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Motor Mondays Return To The Yard! (Foot Races)

Last Monday I turned for the tunnel that led to the yard, and saw a large gathering of people straight ahead on the far side of the track. When I saw two guys burst out of the gathering in a full on sprint, I knew exactly what was happening. Motor Mondays had finally returned to the yard. Aka epic and hilarious foot races.

Inspired by the group of TV shows that make up Discovery’s “Motor Monday,” specifically that of the drag racing show “Street Outlaws,” we conduct similar drag races, just without the cars. And everybody goes all out. Stamps are the currency in federal prison, so flat books and stacks of rubber banded single stamps were wagered on the favored winners. Which many times is hard to figure out.

One recent race I saw took place between an older guy with a limp versus a younger kid who was pushing 300 lbs. When they had a slow but energized take off everyone burst out in laughter, as the different sides chanted the name of the guy they wanted to win. Halfway across the designated 100 meter race track, not one, but both of them tripped and fell to the ground. This amped everyone up even more, as people screamed to motivate them to get up and finish the race.

Sadly, the kid that they call Gordo (Spanish for fat … how creative!), was stuck on the ground like a beached whale. This allowed the older guy with the limp to get himself up and rush across the finish line. Which proved to be a stunning upset. With the older guy pushing 70, and the kind in his twenties, Gordo was not going to live this one down for quite awhile.

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