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An Officers Spit That Is Worth $7,300 A Year

Here at USP Leavenworth, there is an officers spit that is worth over $7,300 a year! Seriously. However, the biggest challenge is locating some of this magical secretion that is a mix of toxic plant matter and questionable digestive fluids. Have any idea what this spit is or what makes it so valuable? No? Well, how about another hint. Stereotypically speaking, hicks and baseball players love it, and in a more literal sense, it gives you cancer and is highly addictive.

It’s chewing tobacco, and yes, I made that extremely obvious. Now like I was saying, the hardest part is locating the murky pile of spit. I mean, there are some common places one could find this salivary treat, but for the protection of my peers, I’m not in the position to share this with you. For the most part though, it is important for one to have their eyes peeled.

It could be anywhere throughout the compound. For example, a freshly chewed glob of tobacco spit may lye on the ground, waiting to be combed off the barren pavement. Or if you really want to test your luck, one might scour through a non-descript trashcan, hoping to come across a discarded bottle of tobacco spit. Which is the holy grail of the entire chewbie prison industry.

Chewbies are the name given to the dried out spit tobacco that gets rolled into cigarettes. Either way, it is extremely disgusting, but worth quite a bit in here. Once dried, separated into small increments and folded into neat paper servings, they sell just pinches for $2.50 to $5 a piece. Doesn’t it have an attractive name though? But people love to smoke them, even though we suspect that chewbies were the cause of my buddies staff infection in his lungs.

Of which, just about killed him. Regardless, it is crazy to think that one officers spit makes some individuals over $7,300 a year! And as always, if you enjoyed this post, please let me know by commenting down below, and sharing this with your friends on social media.

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