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The Search For The Butter Bandit: Daily Prison Life

The Butter Bandit is back, and the only thing that has prevented me from catching him is the nonsensical holiday schedule we are on. The timing of everything has been shifted, and my plot to catch him as been foiled. At this moment, I am sure you have many questions, and have no idea what [...]

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When Did Caged Chickens Become Precedent Over Caged Humans?

With animal rights activists and recent legislation passed across the country that now considers the act of caging up chickens "cruel and unnecessary treatment," I think it is import for Americans to contemplate what it is like for all of the humans, our own citizens, that we put into cages. Yes, I am talking about [...]

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What It Costs To Be The BO$$ In Prison

Many of you have a dingy, violent, and oppressive view when asked what comes to mind when the prison industrial complex is brought up. And rightfully so. Because of books, TV and movies, this is often the case for the majority of people incarcerated. But not everyone. You see, it takes a specific type of [...]

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Wallet: Cool Items Made In Jail #1

Wallet: Cool Items Made In Jail #1 Although there is literally no use for a wallet in jail, it was fun to watch my buddy Chuco, delicately handcraft this wallet from mere scraps. The whole process takes about an hour and 30 minutes to complete. The materials used include: honey bun wrappers, potato chip bags, [...]

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Our Thinking Makes It So! Turning Adversity Into Advantage

"Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - William Shakespeare Take a minute to reflect on the wise words of William Shakespeare. Words that are as true as the day he wrote them. Beautiful words that can lead anyone to joy and contentment. If, and only if, one CHOOSES to follow them. [...]

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