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Code Brown: The Inmate Who Beat The Shit Out Of Someone

** (I wrote the following piece in 2016 as I awaited federal sentencing in county jail. Pulling it from an archive of creative non-fiction I have written and saved over the years, it will provide you yet another perspective of my journey through the criminal justice system) ** Smack! Smack! Smack! The sound of Pinochle [...]

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What Egg Are You? Find Out Before It Destroys You!

"If you crack an egg from the outside, it brings death to the egg. If the egg cracks from the inside, it brings life to the egg. The greatest things in life come from the inside." - Unknown When I first heard this quote over the radio, I was mystified, for it is eloquent, straightforward [...]

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Federal Prison = Survivor + Big Brother

** (The following is a piece I wrote while at USP Leavenworth, and now that I am at a low security prison, the following events do not apply. However, I still wanted to share this with you, as it is a daily occurrence at USP Leavenworth, and elsewhere in the BOP) ** In my opinion, [...]

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Hundreds Of Inmates Left Behind In Storms Path

In South Carolina, we have heard local and state officials reiterate how important it is for costal residents to evacuate, and seek refuge from Hurricane Florence. Alerting residents of the multiple dangers of staying put, which included death. Prior to the storm, Gov. Henry McMaster had made a promise not to "gamble with the lives [...]

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He Said, “Are You A Real Killer?!” … I Laughed

With the wind high, and a mix of dust and pollen lurking around every corner, I was dying from allergies. My eyes were swollen and bloodshot red. Tears constantly flowing, as I couldn't seem to escape the torture ensuing. To make matters worse, you can't obtain affective medicine in prison. Making me SOL. But they [...]

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While He Sits To Pee, I Waste In Misery: Daily Prison Life

I somehow missed my alarm this morning at 5:30am, but luckily was awoken by a group of guards aggressively yelling commands at 6:00am. It was a body check. I guess a brawl had occurred the day before, and now they wanted to conduct body checks to look for bruised knuckles or any other cuts or [...]

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