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An Officers Spit That Is Worth $7,300 A Year

Here at USP Leavenworth, there is an officers spit that is worth over $7,300 a year! Seriously. However, the biggest challenge is locating some of this magical secretion that is a mix of toxic plant matter and questionable digestive fluids. Have any idea what this spit is or what makes it so valuable? No? Well, [...]

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Chocolate Cappuccino

Ingredients: 1 tbsp. Instant Coffee 1 tbsp. Hot Chocolate 1 tbsp. Powdered Milk 1 pkg. Sweetener Directions: Take all of the ingredients, and empty all of the magical powder into a dry 12 ounce coffee mug. Then, add hot water, stir well, and enjoy the cappuccino goodness!

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Why You Need Pain and Suffering In Your Life

It is intriguing to think about all the individuals who have walked the halls of USP Leavenworth over the past 100 years. Some of the infamous individuals who might ring a bell, include: Duane Earl Pope, Michael Vick, George aka Machine Gun Kelly, James Early Ray, Leonard Peltier and George Moran. But to me, the [...]

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Pay Phone Problems

Hello World! If your reading this, thanks for checking out my site. I'm extremely proud of the progress we've made on it, and grateful for the opportunity to be able to broadcast out to the world from behind these walls. To share my experiences, give you an interesting perspective on different issues, entertain you a [...]

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Liquid Crack: The Prison Beverage

Ingredients: 1 Tea Bag 2 tbsp. Instant Coffee 1 tbsp. Hot Chocolate 1 tbsp. Powdered Milk 1 pkg. French Vanilla Cappuccino 1 pkg. Sweetener Directions: First, make the tea in a 12 ounce coffee mug, and let it sit for five minutes. Then, remove the tea bag, add and stir the remaining ingredients and enjoy [...]

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Prison Trashcan Fryers

Who doesn't love fried foods? I know, its super unhealthy, yet oh so good! Moreover, I was stoked to discover all the fried creations since arriving at USP Leavenworth. Like fried burritos, pizza pockets, apple pies, honey buns, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candy bars and much, much more. When people are frying, the enticing [...]

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