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Personal Reflections #1

Personal Reflections #1

Monday, September 19th 2016

I have been in county jail for about 11 months and have been inspired in so many different ways. I have fully embraced stoicism, like many other great men in history. No matter what happens to me, I’ll always win! This perception can’t be adopted by everyone, but if you can, it will revolutionize your life. While the majority of the men around me completely waste their time fighting, gambling and other buffoonery, I spend 12 plus hours everyday reading, writing and studying. My hunger for knowledge and wisdom is too strong for me to suppress. With that being said, I have slowly put together a list of poetry or wisdom, and some of these thoughts are as follows:

“Your Honor, you can throw me in handcuffs, you can shackle my feet and you can place me in the darkest and most violent Federal Prison, but you will never imprison my thoughts or mind, for they are free, like a shark, lurking in the deep blue sea.”Brett Booker

“You can shoot, stab, and burn me, take all of my worldly possessions, even throw me in Federal Prison, but you cannot hurt or kill my spirit.”Brett Booker

“I welcome you, to release all and any grim desires you have upon me, but you will never be able to take my truth.”Brett Booker 

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“The truly vile individuals in society, are the ones when willingly allowed the powerful elite to dominate and influence them,rather than embracing individuality. Therefore, they’re destined to drown in the vast ocean of mediocrity, unremitting till death; while the elite swim upon it, perpetually taking pleasure in the treasure troughs in which they’ve succeeded in securing through one’s demise.”Brett Booker

“All around me, I see the discernible effects of stupidity, for it has led to mass suffering and incarceration, because God is the spirit of intelligence, and God doesn’t love the fool.”Brett Booker

I would be lying if I said I composed these on the spot, rather each thought took several hours to compose throughout the day. All five, are centered around my feelings of my current imprisonment. Once again, I have fully embraced stoicism, so I can never lose. I tried my best to express that. No matter what happens, I know that I will ultimately prevail. My objective is to inspire others and share the wisdom my mentors have shared with me. No one can stop me! Regardless, I hope you enjoyed my quotes and look forward to more personal reflections by Brett Booker in the near future.


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