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Prison Trashcan Fryers

Who doesn’t love fried foods? I know, its super unhealthy, yet oh so good! Moreover, I was stoked to discover all the fried creations since arriving at USP Leavenworth. Like fried burritos, pizza pockets, apple pies, honey buns, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, candy bars and much, much more. When people are frying, the enticing aromas literally lift you off your feet and toward the delicious source.

But you might be asking yourself, how in the hell are we frying foods in the cell block? Well, the answer is quite simple. All you need is a trash can, a stinger (check out “Stinger” post), some oil and homemade wooden tongs. Setting it up is just as simple, but before one dives into frying greatness, you must consider where you want to open shop.

Frying in a call has always been a popular choice, but the aroma bi-product of the fryer will leave your cell smelling like McDonalds for the next 30 days. Clothes, bedding and all, and considering we live in these small confinements, people prefer finding a mop closet to fry in. Sound appetizing yet?

Now that you found a place to fry all your sugary and meaty delights, its time to setup your trashcan fryer. First, take the trashcan, and securely place it near an electrical outlet. Then, fill it up halfway with oil. Quick side note, these trashcans are only about a foot and a half tall. After that, place the stinger in the oil, completely submerged and plug it in.

That’s it! Its all that easy. You keep it running until your done cooking. On any given day, several people will be frying throughout USP Leavenworth. You’ll know by the sweet aromas, the cardboard and marker advertisements or by the movement of bowls filled with frying greatness being peddled around. Nonetheless, I’m done writing this to eat a strawberry jam filled honey bun with my name all over it! And if you liked this post, please share it with your friends and family by clicking down below!

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