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How Simplicity Is A Death Wish

How Simplicity Is A Death Wish

Wednesday, October 26th 2016

“Too many men exhibit simplicity and are therefore ensued by their hunger for instant gratification, that those deceitful individuals, will always find others whom will happily allow themselves to be deceived.” -Brett Booker

Before I start, I want to discuss the fact that, that you’re probably contemplating if I actually wrote this quote or not, but I can assure you these are my words, Google it and you’ll see. Now that we have that covered, I want to break this quote down, to further examine this conundrum. Essentially, I’m saying that the people around me are too simple and dumb down by society, and can’t wait to earn or receive things. Rather, they have to acquire them as soon as their heart desires it. Therefore, they will happily allow themselves to be deceived, by the individuals who have the patience for long term achievements and success. This hunger for instant gratification couldn’t be more prevalent than it is in county jail, where I also reside. Without trying to sound glib, its quite pathetic, but an unfortunate truth in our society.

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There is one stark example that comes to mind in here, which is no other than the infamous 2 for 1. You see, because we only get commissary once a week, have a $50 limit on over priced items, some people choose to stockpile commissary, so they can open up a store. Everyone’s business model seems to be based off the 2 for 1, in which you buy one item for a payment of two items on the next commissary day. For example, you’ll pay two honey buns for one right now. Given a soup already cost $1.30, after the 2 for 1 you’re paying $2.60 for one ramen soup. Insane right? People will become ensued in this vicious cycle, owing $50, $60, $70 plus dollars a week, on a mere $30 worth of store. They can’t wait a few days to enjoy double the amount of store by purchasing it themselves. All the while, the patient store man, has $500 worth of junk food over flowing in his cell from every property bag and laundry sac.

Then there is the archaic example of greed. For thousands of years, people have been plagued by greed, desiring insurmountably amounts of wealth without working hard for it. They’ll do whatever it takes to acquire this type of wealth, which has led to the demise of many, including myself. I had the capacity like many others, to be patient in my quest for wealth and achievement, but I too, expressed simplicity, and happily opened the flood gates to be arrested and prosecuted for short term enjoyment and success. This majority of the people around me can relate to this, as they’ve been arrested for burglary, robbery, embezzlement, money laundering, larceny and drug distribution. These individuals also had the capacity to be successful legally, but once again, their hunger for instant gratification completely ensued them.

In today’s society, everyone has become extremely materialistic. They want to think they have more status, wealth and success, than face the reality of their place in the world or to put in the hard work to achieve it. Just take one look at the presence of credit card debt in the average American household. As more and more bills keep pilling up, many struggle to uphold an appearance that doesn’t exist. It’s a sad reality and social media only makes it worse. What you see about people on Facebook, for example, is hardly the truth, its fabricated, with the intent to appear to have more status, wealth and success. If only we, as a society, could be more patient in our lives, our career and our other endeavors, we could be much happier and satisfied with our achievements.


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