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In prison, cooking is literally an art form. We work with the absolute bare minimums, and make amazing things happen. For the most part, everything is freeze dried and must be cooked using hot water. But hot water can be hard to come by at time, especially during lockdowns.

So what is one to do when they need hot water for their morning coffee, their evening cup of tea or when it comes time to cook? They need a stinger. An amazing prison creation that allows you to boil water within 30sec.

The stinger itself has a quite simple and naive design. It consists of a power cord and a metal coil. Wired together, when you plug the stinger in, it heats the coil. To prevent the coil from exploding, it must remain in water while the electrical current is flowing through the cable.

Moreover, stingers are considered contraband, but most guards understand that their is no foul play involved and let them slide. All we want is warm food and beverages. Getting the supplies to produce one isn’t hard either. There is an abundance of coils located at the maintenance building, and on can rip a power cord off a variety of devices.

Overall, it always seemed to take forever to boil water on the stove, that I can actually picture a real world application for a stinger. However, given we don’t have access to a stove, a stinger is all that many have to choose from.

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