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The Power of Being Bold!

The Power of Being Bold!

“Audentes Fortuna Juvat” -Fortune Favors The Bold

A very wise man by the name Baltasar Gracian once said, “Always set to work without misgivings on the score of imprudence. Fear of failure in the mind of a performer, is for an onlooker, already evidence of failure….Actions are dangerous when there is doubt as to their wisdom; it would be safer to do nothing.” In other words, Gracian is emphasizing the importance of being bold and confident in your actions. When you are unsure or doubtful when about to make a decision, it’s best to do nothing, for your doubt, hesitation and natural timidity creates obstacles and more problems. Instead, its better to enter every action with boldness. Everyone admires the bold, but are scared of what they perceive could be possible consequences of being bold, when in reality, being timid is far more fatal. Acting timid will make you look weak, and people naturally take advantage of this. Like I said above, fortune always favors the bold.

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Now that I have explained the importance of being bold, I’m going to back it up with a real life example that occurred last year. When I was first raided by the DEA, I had to serve 3 months of an unrelated state case until I was granted federal pretrial release. Afterwards, the Marshals transferred me from county jail to a federal halfway house called CH Inc. in Council Bluffs, IA. When I first arrived, I was still experiencing culture shock, from being deprived of so much in jail, that I didn’t immediately social with the other men in the facility. After about 2 weeks, I had settled in and started getting comfortable, when someone new walked into the back and was assigned the bunk adjacent to mine. Immediately I noticed something different about him. As they say, real recognizes real.

He introduced himself as Mark, a 52 year old white male, whom spent the past 19 years in federal prison, for a huge cocaine network on the East Coast. He was well versed, and you could tell that he’d spent the majority of his time reading and writing. We became friends, and he shared some of his favorite books with me. Mark could always tell me that he was going to be wealthy again, and I was hoping for his sake, it no longer involved drugs. He explained his plan to me, after showing me an ad in the newspaper and I found myself extremely skeptical.

After pondering over and revising his plan of action, Mark requested a shopping pass to leave the halfway house. He went straight to a Goodwill store, and spent his last $30 on two used suits and a pair of shoes to match. When he came back to the halfway house, I was surprised how sharp he looked, considering he only spent $30. We had quite a long conversation in the laundry room, about the suits and his indigenous plan to be both happy and wealthy. As Mark ironed his new clothes, he related his plan and his tenacity to get it done, to that of the Prussian premier Otto Von Bismarck, who was deligent, cunning, and master of seduction in every single one of his actions.

He proceeded to tell me that phase 2 of his plan was to begin the following day. Mark went back to his bunk, opened his locker and retrieved the newspaper that had enlightened him. He opened it and navigated to the classifieds section. Mark started writing down the number of a woman named Ginger, who was a local real estate agent, and turned towards me and said, “With Ginger’s help, my dreams will come true.” The next day, he contacted Ginger to schedule dates to view some houses for sale around Omaha, and it just so happened that some of her clients had canceled and she was available that day.

Immediately, Mark went to his counselor at the halfway house, and was granted job seeking passes for the rest of the week. As he happily walked out the front door, he called Ginger and asked her to pick him up from his “condo” at the Paxton in downtown Omaha, and that he would be waiting outside in an hour. After 3 buses and 5 city blocks, he arrived just as she pulled up. They toured houses all day, but he didn’t she any interest in any of them, so they continued touring houses for the remainder of the week. On the last day, Ginger pulled up to the Paxton and Mark hopped in. He grabbed her hand, looked her in the eyes, and said, “Look Ginger, I’m not who you think I am. The truth is, I’m broke and just got out of prison, but when I saw your photo in the newspaper, I had to see how beautiful you were in person. Thanks for the best week I’ve had in over 20 years.”

This bold move by Mark completely swept Ginger off her feet. After 6 months of dating, the two got married. Mark was always persistent, receiving his realtors license, mving into a mansion on the west side of town, buying a new BMW and all the while, meeting his soulmate in the process! The majority of individuals in Mark’s situation would have been scared to be that bold. But why? Life is passing us by and we are letting opportunities go, so grab the bull by the horns. Be bold, confident and persistent in every action you make, just like Mark. No one is born bold or timid, they’re acquired. So train yourself to be bold and remember how fortune always favors the bold.



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