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The Underdog

Its been awhile since I’ve posted something new, so I decided that I just might as well start posting SOMETHING, at least once a day. Get back to the flow of things. Bringing you back to my world.

I’ve been at USP Leavenworth in Kansas for about 7 months now, and finally have a routine that helps my time fly by. However, this place is extremely peculiar. A place in which you are praised for all the things that society would normally condemn you for. In which you can’t let people bad mouth you or not pay you back without responding with violence or people will prey upon you.

A “convict” society that praises violence, despises snitches and child molesters, enjoys improving their criminal skills and talents, and relishes in the misery of others. It takes every ounce of energy for my to dispel these influences. To avoid it hardening me. For, in my opinion, prison creates criminals. It does NOT correct them or their behavior. I have seen countless individuals succumb to this evil environment, and morph into completely different people.

However, this will NOT happen to me. I want to emphasize to everyone that although I’m in Federal Prison for drug trafficking, this is not who I am. I was just a kid when I was arrested. Yes, I have made a lot of poor choices, but I am going to leave prison a better man than the rebellious and dysfunctional kid who walked in.

I’m the underdog. And who doesn’t love an underdog story? That’s why I spend every second of everyday dedicated to my vision for my future. I look at Federal Prison as the worlds most expensive university, in which they don’t care if you show up top class or not. A time in which you have no distractions, bills or other responsibilities, just time to improve yourself. How rare is that?

When does one ever truly get the opportunity in their life’s to look inward, focus on their defects of character, and dedicate years to self-improvement? Its remarkable really! And I know that this experience will be the defining moment of my life which, in retrospect, I would not trade for anything else. Hence, this is the direction I am now headed, and I am excited to continually share my story and experiences with you, for this is just the beginning of my underdog story!

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