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Top 10 Phrases In Jail

Top 10 Phrases In Jail

Wednesday, October 5th 2016 

  1. When someone is told that they get to leave, a guard will say “Roll-Up” to the individual, which has evolved into, “Roll Over, You’re Going Homo!”
  2. “Radio For Sale” Is said when an individual drops their radio, breaking into smaller pieces
  3. “Beans For Cake” Is said when someone wants to trade the same old soggy beans for cake
  4. “Keep It Moving On The Top Tier” Is said by a guard, when individuals are socializing on the upper cell block
  5. “2 for 1” Is said when an individual wants to buy one item on front, with a promised payment of 2 items on store day
  6. Everybody loves to hear the phrase, “Trays,” for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner has finally arrived
  7. “Mail Call” Is the phrase many structure their day around, for everyone loves receiving mail
  8. “Lock-down” Is said by the guard at 2:15 pm and 9:30 pm , indicating that the day room is closed , and we must return to our cells.
  9. “Code Blue” Is said when there is a fight in the jail and “Code Green” is said during a medical emergency
  10. “Dope Call” Is announced when the med cart is en route, to distribute medication in the housing unit

Disclaimer: These terms are only relevant in Douglas County Corrections 

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