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Trying To Make Others Happy With My Sweat

Whattup Paradoxians! You requested an experiment, so here is one! Recently, I read a random fact, from a fantastic fact book, that stated and proclaimed that the sweat of happy people can make others happier if they were to sniff it. I am not sure if it involves the hormones in one happy persons sweat or what, but I was determined to test it out. And considering I am an infectious happy person, by choice I must add, and people often ask me if I’m on something because of my constant upbeat and animated state, I thought who else’s sweat but my own!

Moreover, it doesn’t take long to find down right bitter, negative and depressing individuals. There is an abundance of them! Everywhere. Making me even more pumped up to test out this theory. I had to apply scientific theory to prove without a doubt, that my sweat will make others happier. With that said, I knew that I needed a control group and a test group to apply it on. Considering my housing unit is cut into two sections, a north and south side, it was a match made in heaven.

Plus, both sides have a bountiful amount of negative individuals. I figured that I would just spray my sweat into the air of the north side, 3 times a day for a week and record the emotional atmosphere of both sides during the experiment. The only problem I ran into was a method of application and acquiring the “material.” Therefore, using my prison ingenuity, I emptied out a nasal spray bottle and filled it 1/4th the way up with well scented prayer oil. I can’t have people catching on to me!

The hard part was filling the remainder 3/4ths with sweat! Despite how disgusting it would be, I wrapped a plastic bag around my leg and started working out. This proved to be futile, considering the small amount of “material” I was able to extract. Lets just say that after a week, I finally had enough in my spray bottle. To get more specified results, I also found the most negative and depressing individuals on each side to take more specific notes.

With my north side subject picked out, I began this experiment a few days ago. While he gets his daily 12 hours of sleep, plus two naps, I’ve been spraying the area with the “material.” As the experiment unfolds, and I gather more data of the experiment week plus an observational week, I’ll make sure to give you my results. I think this will be an interesting test Paradoxians! Maybe, if it works well enough, I can turn this into a real world application. You just never know!

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