Tube Steak Please?!

There are times in here when I really wish I had a camera to record some of the conversations. When you combine boredom and stupidity, amazing things can happen. Here is one such conversation between this kid named Q and a mobster who we’ll call J.

** Q walks into J’s cell, and it looks like he’s cooking something **

Q: What up J

** J responds with his Italian accent **
J: Oh, you know, just cooking some tube steak.
Q: What’s that?
J: An Italian Sausage.
Q: Oh … Is it different than any of the other sausages?
J: Not really. You want some?
Q: Is it good in a soup?
J: Yeah, I’ll put it in anything you want.
Q: Kick Ass! I’ll go grab my bowl!

** Q heads up the stairs to his cell to grab his bowl, and on his way back to J’s cell he excitedly tells a group of guys, “I’m about to eat some tube steak! Its my first time!” **

** Q enters J’s Cell **

J: Never had Italian sausage in your can?
Q: What??

Sadly disappointed and emotionally crushed, he soon discovered it was all a joke. All the while, I was fighting back from erupting into uncontrollable laughter. As you can assume, prison is one big gay joke. No political correctness included!

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