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Using An Iron To Make It Toasty!

Who doesn’t prefer their food hot or warm? Well, I guess it depends on the food. Nonetheless, there is one thing that unites just about every human being on Earth: a hefty and scrumptious burrito.

Considering I have only two options for breakfast, lunch or dinner, the chow hall or the food out of my locker, many times I choose the food out of my locker. But without any microwaves or other normal kitchen appliances, many of my peers and I have had to improvise. We needed to make our burritos warm and toasty!

Its an absolute necessity. Like I mentioned earlier, everyone prefers their food hot. Therefore, we have come up with the idea of using irons. That’s right! That iron you rarely, if ever use to press your clothes, that is our form of a grill. A hot iron source of greatness! All you need is some parchment paper, and some butter.

And you are ready to go! Need to grill up some meat? No problem. Throw the meat in between the parchment paper, and press down on it with the iron. You’ll hear it sizzle, as the juices gloriously spatter about. From chicken, sausages and hamburgers, to tortillas and bagels, every time I see an iron, I know a toasty treat awaits.

You see, when you are sent to prison, you begin to appreciate all the small intricacies of daily life that many take for granted. You go out of your way and improvise to gain some of the comforts liberty presents us. Although I wouldn’t suggest that you use an iron to make toasty treats out in the real world, what am I to say? This is Booker’s Paradox!

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