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Wallet: Cool Items Made In Jail #1

Wallet: Cool Items Made In Jail #1





Although there is literally no use for a wallet in jail, it was fun to watch my buddy Chuco, delicately handcraft this wallet from mere scraps. The whole process takes about an hour and 30 minutes to complete. The materials used include: honey bun wrappers, potato chip bags, rice bags, and an indigent roll-on deodorant (Yes, deodorant is used universally as glue). I purchased this wallet from a guy named Chuco, who I am currently locked up with. It’s a fun hustle for him, that brings in some extra commissary. He currently sells each one for $2.00. Essentially, the creation of this wallet is a form of origami. To assemble, first you must clean the bags and wrappers, cut them into single sheets using a spoon, fold them, glue them together using the roll-on deodorant and finally fold all the pieces together into an origami masterpiece! I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more interesting jail creations!

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